Optimize Display Advertising

7 Best Practices to Optimize Display Advertising

Let’s learn 7 Best Practices to Optimize Display Advertising. Display Advertising is one of the most commonly used tools in the world of digital marketing.  Odds are that you’ve already seen a few today while browsing the Internet.  Display ads are everywhere online, so how do you get yours to stand out and bring traffic to your website?

Here are some best practices to follow when developing your Display Ad campaigns, if you follow these rules it will help Optimize Display Advertising:

1.  Optimize Display Advertising: Keep It Simple

First and foremost, keep your ad simple.  You might be tempted to “make the most” of your ad space with more text, and more imagery. This will only confuse the viewer, be difficult to read, and come across as visually noisy.

Keep your images, messaging, and call-to-actions clear, direct, and simple.  Less is more.

2.  Optimize Display Advertising:Use High Quality Images

Design elements are not somewhere to cut corners (you shouldn’t cut corners anywhere!)

Whether photos or graphics, be sure to use high quality images, legible fonts, and clear branding elements/logos.  Your ads are a far-reaching element of your brand, and you want them to represent quality.

3.  Optimize Display Advertising: Understand and Target Your Audience

Avoid generic messaging. The more relevant your ad is, the more likely a user is to respond to it.

Make sure you have a thorough understanding of your target audience.  Choose and develop images, messaging, and CTAs that speak directly to that audience.

Also, remember that you are attempting to connect with a human at the other end of your ad, and inject some life into your messaging!

4.  Optimize for Mobile

Gone are the days when mobile was secondary to desktop.  As most of us spend more time on our phones than on desktops, our display ads need to be optimized for mobile – not an afterthought.  Be sure your ads look just as good on mobile as they do on desktop.

5.  Stand Out

This may seem obvious, but you want your ad to stand out from the page it’s on.  Not only is this a requirement for most ad networks, but aesthetically this is a no-brainer as well.  Choose high-contrast images, colors, and fonts that catch the eye.

6.  Align Ads With Landing Pages

Not only do you want your ads to be clicked on, but you want your visitors to convert once they reach your site.  Your display ad should be relevant to the landing page it links to, and vice versa. The last thing you want is a user to click on your ad expecting one thing, only to be presented with a page that has nothing to do with what caught their attention.

Put yourself in the shoes of the user, and make sure there is congruency and a streamlined flow from ad, to landing page, to conversion.

7.  Always Be Testing

Creating display ads shouldn’t be a set-it-and-forget-it process.  Perform proper A/B testing to fine tune your images, messaging, and CTAs. In this case, trial and error is a great way to optimize your ads.

Display Advertising is a great way to connect with your audience.  By following these best practices, you’ll be on your way to creating high performing display ads.

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