Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns

6 Tips to Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns

In this article, we’ll go through 6 Tips to Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns.  You likely already understand that Retargeting is a vital component of almost any marketing strategy.  If not, you can check out a previous article where we covered Why Retargeting Campaigns Are 70% More Likely to Convert.

Now, let’s get into the tips that will Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns.

Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns: Understand the Goal of Retargeting

Make sure you are clear on the purpose of your Retargeting campaigns.  Generally speaking, the point of Retargeting is to bring previous visitors back to your website.  

Understand the context of who you are Retargeting, their stage in the buying process, and why you want to bring them back to the website.  

With a solid grasp of the purpose of your Retargeting campaigns, you’ll be in a better place to develop a proper strategy and that will Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns.

Improve Your Retargeting CampaignsSegment Your Audiences

Following through with the previous tip, once you understand why you are implementing a Retargeting Campaign, you’ll want to segment your site visitors into different audiences based on their behavior on the website.

One way to approach this is to segment visitors based on where they are in the buying process, or how ready they are to make a purchase.  From there, you can create targeted and optimized ads specific to those segments.

If a group visited pages for a specific category of products, showcase only those products in the Retargeted ads.  If a group added products to their cart but failed to complete the checkout process, Retarget them with a coupon to entice them to make the purchase. This is a great way to Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns.

Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns: Exclude Converted Users

This tip is very straightforward and goes along with proper segmentation of your audiences.  Make sure to exclude converted customers from your retargeting campaigns as necessary.

This isn’t to say that you can’t Retarget converted customers, just make sure it’s appropriate.  Perhaps 30-90 days after making a purchase, you Retarget them with a new product, a sale, or a coupon.  

Just be sure you’re not annoying your customers by serving them with ads for a product they purchased 2 days ago. Another great way to Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns.

Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns: Implement Frequency Caps

Sometimes less is more, sometimes more is more – however, like many things in life, there is a sweet spot of moderation when it comes to the number of ads you want to Retarget your prospects with.

Of course you want to show enough ads for the campaign to be effective, however, there is definitely a point of diminishing returns.  Too many ads and users become desensitized. Also, you don’t want to annoy and spam your prospects, ultimately damaging your brand over time.

Retargeter recommends between 17-20 ads per user, per month.  This is probably a good starting place, but experiment and track performance over time to figure out what works best.

Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns: Retarget Those Who Spend More Time On Your Site

By paying attention to your analytics, you should have a good understanding of how much time visitors spend on your site before they convert.  

Let’s say most of your customers take about 5 minutes on your site to complete a conversion.  If there is a group of people who have spent 3-4 minutes on your site but failed to convert, you’ll want to be sure to Retarget them as they have a high chance of following through.

Conversely, you may have a group of visitors who bounced off your website in less than 10 seconds.  You might be better off not retargeting them, and saving your budget for those with more time on the site.

Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns: Rotate and Split Test Your Creatives

If you continue to serve the same ads for months on end, those ads will become stale and fail to have an impact on your prospects.  An easy solution for this is to simply rotate a variety of different ads every few months to keep them fresh in the eyes of your audience.

A/B Split testing is a must for your Retargeting campaigns.  By running tests on your ads – graphics, copy, CTAs, etc. you’ll have the data you need to implement high performing ads.

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