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Our Digital Services

Strategic Digital Marketing

Using a multi-channel approach will help brands communicate with the same consumer everywhere they are consuming media.

With the shift in digital marketing, it’s always important to stay ahead of the curve. Implementing the right digital strategy and execution is vital to the success of any businesses marketing efforts. Through our unique data driven approach, we have the ability to resolve any marketing challenges that a business or brand is facing.

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Transparent Display & Native Advertising

Reach consumers through different media channels, on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Targeted display allows you to be where your potential customers are visiting. Tap into our network of direct publishers or programmatic buying in a real-time bidding environment to obtain top ad placement. We help brands identify and create custom audiences with all the necessary resources to reach the right people with intent and engage them with the appropriate message. Custom audience segments include browsing behavior, demographic information, search habits and specific site categories.

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Targeted Email Marketing

Acquisition based email marketing is a great way to drive targeted traffic, increase brand, product, and event awareness. Leverage our highly responsive and extremely niche targeted first-party database of subscribers. Using only best practices, our network of subscribers is opted in, permission passed and fully CAN-SPAM compliant. With hundreds of different audience segments to choose from, we have the ability to target a variety of demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral selects for both consumer and business campaigns.

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Engaging Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Affix Advertising specializes in social media marketing and advertising targeted to acquire new business. Social media is a great way to gain an online following resulting in website traffic that will end with a conversion. Our Social Media Marketing Services cover all aspects of social marketing including full account management, monthly posts, creative design, social ad management and more.

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