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Case Studies

Maximizing Engagement & Digital ROI

A national charity needed to improve their fundraising efforts through digital channels. Their work of enriching lives of physically challenged children needed a big boost in awareness and support. The client lacked the ability to execute their internal campaigns more

A major internet service provider and mobile telecommunications company struggled in their penetration of the Hispanic market. The need for new subscribers in both urban and rural areas was essential for the growth of their service area.

An exclusive report with award-winning golf courses needed a digital partner to help increase brand awareness and room bookings with tee times. With a run-time of only 4 weeks prior to a holiday weekend, the client had limited time to

A regional automobile dealership was challenged with their online presence. As the client relied heavily on traditional print and television advertising, they needed re-invent their branding on the web. With their primary focus on auto buying intenders, their secondary target

A national fashion brand that was seeking to improve regional brand recognition and maximize e-commerce sales. As one of the leading premium lifestyle brand that sells luxury apparel and goods in a traditional brick and mortar retail outlets, they were

Objective: A manufacturing company was in need to keep their sales funnel full and increase new customer acquisition. Their challenge was generating new sales leads by connecting with corporate decision makers including owners and presidents within specific industries.

Objective: A State University needing a boost with fall semester open enrollment applications for their undergraduate degree programs. The goal and objective of the University was to drive awareness and online presence for their educational programs. Their need to increase