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7 Content Marketing Tips to Expand Your Brand

Let’s learn 7 Content Marketing Tips to Expand Your Brand.

In 2019, it’s no secret that there is an ocean of opportunity online for any business.

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to grab a piece of that pie and connect with new customers.

Content marketing drives traffic to your site, gives your brand a voice, establishes authority in your industry, builds brand awareness, and allows you to build a relationship and trust with your audience.

Let’s go over 7 Content Marketing Tips to Expand Your Brand.

Have a Clear Business Goal for Your Content

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost with content marketing.  With so many distribution channels and topics to cover, you might feel like you’re spinning your wheels at some point.

Should you focus on Instagram or Facebook?

What topics should you cover for your blog?

Should you start a podcast?

Without a clear goal, you have no direction or purpose for your content.

Take the time to think about your business goals and how your content strategy complements them.

Consider your target audience and how you want to connect with them based on your business goals.

The clearer you are on your business goals, your content marketing goals, and how they all fit together – the more effective and focused your efforts will be.

Content Marketing Tips: Target Specific Keywords

You might be inclined to simply write about whatever is on your mind and hope that your thought-provoking words will go viral and attract an audience eager to buy what you’re selling.

While it’s a nice idea, it’s not likely to work out that way.

In-depth SEO Strategy and Keyword Research are beyond the scope of this article, however, it is a good idea to produce your content based on specific keywords that you want to target.

Content Marketing Tips: Quality Over Quantity

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is an ocean of business opportunity in the digital space.  Along with that exists an endless sea of content.

In today’s “attention economy,” consumers of content have an infinite amount of options to choose from. We are all constantly bombarded with content in a variety of forms.

There is no shortage of competition here.

This means that if you want to stand out of the crowd, you must produce quality content that resonates with your audience.

Content Marketing Tips: Measure Your Success with Analytics

In the first tip, we mentioned that it’s a good idea to have a clear business goal in mind for all of your content marketing.

However, it’s not enough to just have goals for your content marketing.  How can you be sure that you’re hitting those goals?


Depending on your goals, you’ll want to figure out and define appropriate performance metrics, or Key Performance Indicators.

It might be social shares, time on page, or perhaps even conversions that are important to you.

Regardless of what is important to your particular situation, utilize analytics and data to measure your performance so that your content marketing strategy isn’t a waste of time and money.

Content Marketing Tips: Repurpose Your Content

Quality content is hard to come by, and it can be difficult to gauge what will resonate with your audience.

When you do come up with that viral piece of content that your audience loves, double down on it!

That blog post you created can be repurposed and repackaged for various social channels.  It can be sent out as an email.  It can be translated into various advertisements or headlines.  You can create a podcast based on that topic and vice versa.

Don’t let quality content go to waste, get creative and reproduce that content for various channels, or expand upon the details of that initial umbrella topic.

Content Marketing Tips: Support Your Arguments with Data

This one might seem obvious but it’s worth emphasizing.

Whenever you are making any specific claims about hard facts, back up your words with some evidence.

When you do use statistics or data in your content, cite your sources and include a link to the original source.

Not only will this help you prevent the spread of misinformation, but the quality of your content will be increased, and you’ll become more trustworthy as a result.

Content Marketing Tips: Be Consistent and Up-to-Date

As with most things, consistency is key when it comes to content marketing.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put out content every day (as we mentioned earlier, quality is more important than quantity).

However, you should stick to a schedule, whether it’s once a day, once a week, or once every two weeks.

Whatever works for your situation, as consumers of content, we like consistency.

In line with that, generally, most of us aren’t interested in old content.  In today’s age of rapid turnover of content, something even a year old might not seem relevant anymore.

When a website, blog, or social media page is obviously outdated, it comes across as stale and unprofessional.

By staying consistent, you’ll stay up-to-date and keep your audience engaged with fresh content.

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