Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Build an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Want to know how to build an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy?

Social Media…

Email Marketing…

Display Advertising…

Content Marketing…

These are only some of the different tools available to you as a marketer, use all of these and connect them for an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy.

Just as a carpenter wouldn’t try to build a house using only a hammer, it would be foolish to build your business using only one marketing channel.

You need the right tools for the task at hand, and taking it a step further, when used properly, they all work together in a cohesive and harmonious manner, you need an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy.

This is how you need to approach your digital strategy.

Your email marketing should complement your display advertising, your social media should complement your website – and so on.

Let’s get into how you can start building an integrated digital marketing strategy that works together.

Look at the Customer Journey

The first step in understanding an integrated approach to digital marketing is to consider the customer journey.

From the first introduction with your business to making a purchase, your customers will interact with your business in a variety of ways and stages.

They might see an ad on Instagram, search for you on Google, or subscribe to and read your emails – each of these points of interaction need to work together to move the customer along and towards conversion.

Identify Which Channels Convert

While not all channels are geared towards conversion (some might be focused on brand awareness for example), it’s a good idea to know which channels are converting leads to customers.

From there, you have a good starting point to build the rest of your plan around.

It might be email marketing, paid social media, or search ads – whatever it is, figure out which channel works best for your situation and use that as a focal point to work around.

Understand Your Target Audience

You’ve heard it before – understand your audience.

Take the time to know and understand your historic and current analytics.

Pay attention to what your audience is saying in reviews, online discussions, the media, and in day-to-day life.

Take this combined data and real-world communication and use it to optimize your campaign – your emails, your ads, your content and so forth.

Your marketing material should directly reflect the wants, needs, and desires of your audience.

Coordinate Your Content and Digital Strategy

Launching a new product?  You want to create blog articles and social media content with that in mind, and engage your audience leading up to the launch.

Sending out a series of promotional emails for a sale? Fortify those emails by running a retargeting campaign on Facebook for your email list.

Your ads and landing pages should be congruent and aligned to create a streamlined and highly relevant flow for the user.

Track and Optimize

Unfortunately, digital marketing isn’t something that works with a set-it-and-forget-it approach.

As you implement your campaigns, pay attention to the feedback you receive in your analytics.

There is an endless amount of data and analytics at your disposal, identify and track KPIs, then use them to guide you as you move forward.

Measuring performance and adjusting accordingly is vital to your success.

Creating an integrated and optimized digital marketing strategy takes time and work, but the results you’ll get are more than worth your while.

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